It’s great that more people are taking time to understand the health implications of industrialized food production. Solio Family is committed to supporting the family farmers that have been the backbone of our rural communities, while at the same time providing a healthier, tastier non-GMO product – and people across the country are noticing.

After discovering Solio Family Canola Oil, Audra of You Are What You Eat became a loyal customer: “I’m happy to report that I only buy Solio oil now – no more GMO oil for my family! It tastes and cooks great!”

Read her blog post about Small Oil – the cooking oil you use every day. “Where does that come from?” As a Solio Family customer, Audra now has an answer she can live with:

Solio Family Canola Oils are made from canola plants grown on small farms in Georgia, Florida, Tennessee, North Carolina, and South Carolina… I was impressed that the cost was the same as the health food store’s own generic brand product that contains GMOs.