Why Solio Family?

Through the establishment of the Solio Family branded oil, AgStrong hopes to more fully develop the Farmer Incubator Model.

The goal is to have a turnkey type model where families enter into an operation having the necessary structure already in place.

In this way the risk can be reduced and the eventual goal of independent small family organic grain farms in Northeast Georgia could be realized.

We’ll be adding featured stories of family farmer start-ups to the Farmers page soon!

ABOUT Solio Family Oils

Solio Family has the sincere desire to serve existing family farmers as well as to help new family farms be put into production. Solio Family oils are produced by local farmers in Georgia, S Carolina, N Carolina, Alabama, Tennessee, Kentucky, Florida and Missouri. Solio Family oils are all natural, with no chemical additives, made from seeds that are 100% non-GMO. Solio Family utilizes an expeller pressed process rather than a chemical process to extract the oil from the seed.

  • First canola oil introduced to the Southeast that has been grown by local farmers in Georgia, South Carolina, North Carolina, Alabama and Kentucky
  • It is 100% free of contamination with no GMO (genetically modified organisms)
  • There is a growing demand by consumer for both local and non GMO products
  • We utilize an expeller pressed process rather a chemical process to extract the oil from the seed
  • No chemical additives
  • Shelf life is one year